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HELLO lovely clients

We're so glad that you've chosen us for your event! 

Welcome to a private page on our website that's designed just for you. We have included some information and documents below for your reference,  please feel free to download anything that is necessary for your event.


Here are the different stages when booking Function Fever​

Initial Enquiry

Signed Contract + 50% Deposit Payment

Event Details

Final 50% Payment



Before The Day

Early in the booking process you will receive an email from us asking lots of questions about: the location, timings, song requests for your event. These details help us to plan and prepare for your event so please do keep us in the loop if these plans change ahead of the day.

Top Tip

        - To avoid any awkwardness on the day please ensure the bands: food, drinks and green room have been arranged prior to the event.

On The Day

On the day we will arrive at the agreed time and make ourselves known to a member of your event party.  We will locate the performance space and begin loading in our equipment. After setting up we will do a soundcheck, this usually takes about 15 minutes and will be in the form of a song.  After the soundcheck we will put some background music on, move our personal belongings to the green room, get changed (stage ready) and then we're ready to start the party! 

Top Tip

        - To ensure a smooth setup please assign a member of your event party to oversee the band and show us around.

After The Day

After the day we would really appreciate it if you could connect us with your photographer so we could share a few pictures of your event on our social media channels. We would also love it if you would leave a review  on our Facebook Page. 

Top Tip

        - If you haven't chosen a photographer (or another supplier yet) do check out our social media as we work with some incredible suppliers!


Public Liability Certificate



Read more about our Song List and Song Requests here

PAT Test Report

Please note, our PA and Instruments are PAT Tested through the music school we work for: Nexus ICA


Please take a moment to read through our FAQ's  here 

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